Summary of bedrooms:


Ground floor

  • Two rooms (one double bedroom and one room with two single beds. Each with en suite bathroom).


First floor

        -1 majestic double bedroom with bath and access to balcony with sweeping views.

        -1 master suite with sweeping views, adjacent private living space, bathroom with Jacuzzi and sauna.



  • 1 double bedroom with bathroom, sweeping views and easy access to terrace on top of tower.


On the ground floor there are also four beds that descend from the wall.

There is an attached small bath with toilet and operable shower.


On the first floor, on an enclosed terrace behind a giant sea view window there are two elevated beds each reachable by their own stairs.


Total beds:         2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 9 beds in the rooms

4 single “guards” beds (not suitable for small children) and 2 single elevated beds (these six ideal as beds for young adults.)